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When you donate to the American Legion, you are supporting the following four pillars:

1. Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation: The American Legion is committed to advocating for and supporting veterans, ensuring they receive proper healthcare, benefits, and rehabilitation services. They work towards improving the lives of veterans and their families by addressing their needs and helping them reintegrate into civilian life.

2. National Security: The American Legion aims to maintain a strong national defense and security by promoting a strong military and supporting veterans who have served in defense of the country. They work to ensure that the nation remains prepared to address any threats to its security.

3. Americanism: This pillar focuses on instilling a sense of patriotism and appreciation for American values and traditions. The American Legion promotes citizenship education, flag advocacy, and community involvement, fostering a deeper understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of being an American.

4. Children and Youth: The American Legion is dedicated to the welfare of children and youth, focusing on programs that enhance their well-being and development. They provide support for education, mentorship, and scholarships, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles and drug awareness among young people.

Individuals and corporations should consider donating to the American Legion for several reasons:

1. Support for Veterans: Donations to the American Legion directly contribute to improving the lives of veterans. By supporting their initiatives in veterans’ affairs and rehabilitation, individuals and corporations can help provide necessary healthcare, support services, and resources to those who have served their country.

2. National Security: The American Legion’s efforts in promoting national security contribute to a safer and more secure nation. Donations can aid in advocating for a strong military, ensuring the defense capabilities of the country, and supporting veterans who have played a vital role in protecting national interests.

3. Promoting American Values: Donating to the American Legion helps promote Americanism and the values that define the nation. By supporting citizenship education, flag advocacy, and community involvement, individuals and corporations can contribute to fostering a sense of patriotism and appreciation for American traditions.

4. Investing in the Future: The American Legion’s focus on children and youth programs helps shape the next generation. Donations can provide educational opportunities, mentorship, and support for young people, empowering them to become responsible citizens and leaders who will contribute positively to society.

Overall, donating to the American Legion allows individuals and corporations to make a meaningful impact by supporting veterans, strengthening national security, promoting American values, and investing in the future of the country.